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The following software was developed by Steven Piantadosi, M.D., Ph.D

You are welcome to use it for academic purposes.
All may be unzipped and installed in Windows 2000 and later. Do not install under Windows 98 and earlier. Get jZip

Randomization - This program generates treatment assignments for a clinical trial using blocked stratified randomization.
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CRM - This program implements the continual reassessment method for dose finding clinical trials. New version January 2016.
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Optimal - This program calculates two stage optimal phase II designs using the Simon method.
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Power - This is a power and sample size program for clinical trials.
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Translational Clinical Trials - This is a Mathematica v5.1 program file to perform calculations described in:
Piantadosi, S. (2005). Translational clinical trials: an entropy-based approach to sample size. Clinical Trials 2: 182-192.
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Clinical Trials - A Methodologic Perspective - Wiley Series in Probability and Statistics.
Clinical Trials - A Methodologic Perspective